DXY Finance Launched 5 Staking Pools With Amazing Rewards


We introduced DXY Finance in our introductory post as a decentralized finance project which built its use case around the most current decentralized finance use case called yield farming. we explained at lengths of the characteristics of the governance token (DXY ) of the DXY Finance ecosystem and how it would be the utility token of the ecosystem to be used as the basis of yield farming rewards as well as other use cases that will spring up within the DXY Finance ecosystem in the future.

We stressed the fact that the DXY finance doesn’t fall into the realm of other yield farming protocol in existence because the algorithm of the DXY Finance is built to accommodate other decentralized finance projects with different use cases has parts of it reward pools, this concept is further proven with plans to integrate two big projects Fireball token (a deflationary protocol) and Popcorn token (also a deflationary protocol) as part of its proposed reward pools, these two pools in addition to three other pools form the DXY yield farming ecosystem.

Available Pools Within DXY Finance Ecosystem

Although we have explained that having Fireball token and the Popcorn token been integrated as farming pools within DXY finance is part of the plan to make DXY finance the yield farming protocol that houses all other decentralized finance protocol, it doesn’t mean that DXY finance does not have other regular pools, in our first article we explained that there are five standard tools within the DXY finance which are summarised below:

· DXY Staking Pool: Here DXY tokens are staked and rewards are paid out in DXY token for the time tokens are staked.

· DXY/ETH Liquidity provision pool: In this pool, participants are rewarded with DXY tokens for staking their liquidity tokens after providing liquidity via the liquidity provision model on Uniswap.

· FIRE Staking Pool: This pool allows holders of Fireball token to stake it within DXY farming ecosystem and earn rewards in DXY tokens.

· CORN staking pool: Within this pool holders of popcorn token can stake it and earn rewards in the DXY tokens.

· UNI pool: In this pool, participants can stake their UNI tokens and earn DXY tokens as a reward for doing so over a period of time.

Reward Allocation within DXY Finance Pools

Recall that the governance token of DXY Finance has half of the total supply(15,000 DXY tokens) locked up to be minted as a reward within the different pools in its ecosystem, each pool has allocated to it a certain percentage of this set aside token which have been summarized below:

· DXY Staking Pool: This pool holds the highest allocation with 30% of the DXY tokens for reward (4,500 DXY tokens) available in this pool, it is said to be the pool for the platform native token.

· DXY/ETH Liquidity Provision Pool: Every project needs liquidity to give more value to its native talking there for the DXY/ETH liquidity pool is set up to meet that need and therefore has 15% (2,250 DXY tokens) of the reward tokens are allocated to it.

· FIRE Staking Pool: This is the staking pool for Fireball token holders, it holds 20% (3,000 DXY tokens) of the tokens set aside for rewards.

· CORN Staking Pool: In this pool can token holders get to share in 3,000 DXY tokens which are 20% of the reward tokens.

· UNI Pool: 15% (2,250 DXY tokens) of the DXY tokens set aside for rewards are reserved in this pool.

Launch of DXY finance Farming Pools

Since the yield farming pools are the main use case of DXY Finance, we have decided to launch all of them immediately so that participants can start benefiting from using any of the pools. The pools within the DXY Finance ecosystem are subjected to setting APY offerings and which are dynamic in value, what this means is that the APY offerings for each change as the DXY algorithm deem it fit

Currently, all pools within DXY ecosystem operate between 1200% to 2000% APY offering.

Pools APY and daily Rewards

DXY Pool: This pool has 1500% APY with a daily reward of 4.2%

DXY/ETH (Liquidity) Pool: This pool has the highest APY among all DXY Finance pools. The pool has 2000% APY with a daily reward of 5.5%

FIRE Pool: This pool has been given an APY of 1200% with a daily reward of 3.3%

CORN Pool: This pool has an APY of 1200% with a daily reward of 3.3%

UNI Pool: This is a top DeFi project (UNI) pool with an APY of 1500% with a daily reward of 4.2%


Steps to Start Farming on DXY Finance Pools

1. Visit the DXY staking dashboard via the link with your Web3 enabled browser: https://dxy.finance/dashboard

2. Click on the pool you wish to participate in, there are currently five available pools to choose from.

3. Click “Approve” to synchronize your wallet with the DXY finance farming contract.

4. After transaction confirmation from step 3 above, input the number of tokens you wish to stake and click on the “stake” button

5. Unstaking can be done by inputting the amount of token you wish to unstake and click on the “Unstake” button

6. To claim rewards, click on the “Claim” button.

Important things to take note of while farming within DXY finance pools

1. Gas fee is required to undergo any transaction within DXY Finance farming pool.

2. You will need a Web3 enabled browser, we recommended Metamask, Trust Wallet, Imtoken and Coinbase

3. Each pool has a timeframe for unstaking:

· DXY/ETH (Liquidity) Pool is 24 hours

· All other pools is 48 hours

Where to buy DXY Token?

Uniswap: https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?inputCurrency=0x39Fa206c1648944f92E8F7B626e1CBdf78d7E9dB

Find DXY Finance Online

Website: https://dxy.finance

Telegram: https://t.me/dxyfinance

Twitter: https://twitter.com/dxyfinance

Medium: https://medium.com/@dxyfinance

A high yield DeFi project built for farmers and stakers. Defining a unique yield farming ecosystem.

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