Introducing DXY Finance Protocol

Decentralized Finance (Defi) represents a new wave of investment that has echoes of the rapid adoption for cryptocurrencies and that blockchain technology that was rampant in 2017, this whole new approach represents a new phase for the rapidly maturing cryptocurrency industry.

Whether you are a staunch believer of the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology movement or just someone with a casual interest in the cryptocurrency markets, there is a very good chance you’ve heard of the term DeFi, which is short for decentralized finance. The term DeFi is relatively new but the underlying idea can’t be said to be new; since the inception of Bitcoin, supporters have always held it in high esteem as a decentralized form of money overseen by the blockchain technology rather than a central bank.

The difference now is that a new set of infrastructure has been built around Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies that are equally decentralized, these have come to include exchanges and websites that facilitate cryptocurrency loans as well as letting cryptocurrency holders earn interest on their stash.

Just like the technology of Bitcoin, DeFi services/products do not require anyone’s permission to use and can be accessed around the world. Trading and lending arrangements are overseen by smart contracts, which serve to enforce whatever deal — perhaps a 3-month loan of 10% interest or 500% APY on vested cryptocurrency assets — two parties have struck on the platform.

Decentralized finance development has taken many different models which in most cases mirrors what is obtainable with traditional finance while at other times are novel ideas, using the concept of the blockchain technology, applications which allow users to borrow, give out loans and earn interest on their vested crypto assets have been created. At first, these applications ended up as experiments but in 2020 they have started to attract real money. As of August, more than $4 billion in loans were locked up in smart contracts powered finance applications.

All of this activities and innovation has given rise to the newer concept of “yield farming” where traders lend or borrow their cryptocurrencies assets not just to receive interest or a loan, but to receive new types of digital tokens, these new types of digital tokens earned are mostly referred to as the governance token of such application.

Introducing DXY Finance

DXY Finance is a DeFi yield farming protocol that allows traders to earn interest in its governance token called DXY through vesting of their cryptocurrency assets in the rapid pools built within DXY finance ecosystem.

DXY Finance algorithm will ensure that those who vest their cryptocurrency in any of the proposed pools are earning interest in DXY tokens with the best possible APY offering.


DXY Finance differentiates itself totally from other yield farming platform by building an ecosystem that ensures that holders of the tokens of other DeFi projects can earn DXY tokens when they stake their holdings. This why DXY Finance is said to be the decentralized finance ecosystem that houses other DeFi projects regardless of their use cases.

DXY Tokenomics

DXY Finance has a governance token called DXY, this governance token serves as the basis of reward within the available reward pools in DXY Finance, this means that when traders stake crypto assets in any of the available pools, they are rewarded interest in DXY tokens based on the APY of the pools they choose.

DXY token has a maximum total supply of 30,000, half of this supply (15,000 DXY tokens) are locked and will be minted as rewards to participants who vest their cryptocurrency assets within any of the reward pool within the DXY Finance ecosystem.

Summary of DXY Tokenomics

Maximum supply: 30,000 (15,000 DXY tokens locked to be minted as farming rewards).

Name: DXY Finance

Ticker: DXY

Decimal: 18

Contract Address: 0x39Fa206c1648944f92E8F7B626e1CBdf78d7E9dB

Token Distribution

Presale: 9,000

Liquidity providers: 3,000

Top 40 holders of Fireball token and Popcorn token share 1,200 DXY tokens.

Team/development: 1,000

Marketing: 800

DXY Finance Farming Pools

As a yield farming use case, DXY Finance has 5 standard pools with good Apy that rewards traders who vest their cryptocurrency assets. These pools hold some percentage of the set aside DXY tokens which are used to reward participants.

The available pools within DXY Finance are;

1. DXY Pool

This is a pool for the platform native token (DXY), participants within this pool deposit DXY in this pool and earns DXY tokens on their holdings. This pool has 35% of reward allocation and offers a 600% APY

2. DXY/ETH Liquidity Pool

This is a pool for the DXY token Liquidity providers, participants in this pool deposit the liquidity tokens, DXY/ETH in this pool, and earn more DXY tokens as reward on their holdings. This pool has 20% of reward allocation and offers 800% APY

3. TOP DeFi Pool

This is a pool where holders can deposit their holdings (top DeFi tokens) eg. LINK, MKR, YFI, YFII, BAND & SUSHI and are rewarded in DXY tokens. 20% of the reward is allocated to this pool with a 480% APY offering.

4. FIRE Pool

This pool is allocated for FIRE token holders. Holders of this token can deposit their token and earn rewards on their deposits. 25% of the total reward is allocated to this pool with an APY offering of 520%.

5. CORN Pool

This pool is allocated for CORN token holders. Holders of these tokens can deposit their tokens and earn rewards on their deposits. 20% of the reward is allocated to this pool with a 500% APY offering.

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A high yield DeFi project built for farmers and stakers. Defining a unique yield farming ecosystem.

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